It’s Magically Delicious!

Lucky Charms closeup

This week in our household, I declared it Cereal Week. Not because we like cereal — because we certainly do — but because we’ve been so busy. Busy with projects at work, outside of work and with life in general. So to keep it all together, I enacted that we eat cereal for dinner all week long. Our breakfasts have remained the same and are mildly healthly: a banana/orange, toast, sometimes with an egg thrown in. And lunch is no different but usually involving a starch and veggie. But dinner? Cereal. This almost falls into those rare nights where I declare Paul and I each scavenge for our dinners independent of each other and one of us ends up eating popcorn. Ah! The advantages of adulthood.

Lucky for us, Cereal Week falls in conjunction with St. Patrick’s Day. And nothing says luck of the Irish than Lucky Charms cereal. And in a retro packaging to boot!

Lucky Charms retro packaging

No scary 3D leprechaun to be found anywhere on the package. Extra points if you can identify all the marshmallow shapes!

When Easter comes around, I’m sure we’ll be eating skipping Trix cereal.

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  1. I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like cereal marshmallows. Luckily, Travis does, so on the rare occasions we have a marshmallow cereal it all balances out nicely.

    Lately, our dinner consist of us both getting home late, someone starting to make dinner, the other one pulling out bits and pieces to snack on (cheese, leftover ham, celery, hummus, triscuits, grapes) and then we end up full before actual dinner is finished.

    1. There is something to be said about cereal marshmallows. They aren’t soft and are dehydrated and often weirdly colored.

      As for snacking while making dinner, that’s a habit I need to break although the combination of triscuit, grapes and hummus is oddly alluring right now.

  2. Lucky Charms marshmallows are about the only marshmallows I like, besides ones that have been set on fire and are gooey. Probably because they are a little crunchy. The consistently of regular marshmallows freaks me out for some reason.

    1. Is there are marshmallow fear lurking deep (or not so deep) within you that you need to explore? This might actually have to be mentioned in a future post of yours.

  3. pink hearts, yellow moons, green clovers, blue diamonds? (and purple horseshoes?). I swear I did it without looking. I can hear that little Leppy’s voice in my head from so many years ago. How did I do? And how many extra points do I get for remembering when they added the purple horseshoes?

    1. I am truly impressed! I can remember his voice but for the life of me, not order they were when he said them. As for points, you get ALL OF THEM!

  4. you guys are awesome! cereal for breakfast! love it! growing up, we weren’t allowed to eat lucky charms or any of the ‘fun’ (but sugary and bad) cereals but now as adults, we can eat it any time we want! ha ha!

    in the early 90’s, one of my friends bought me “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Cereal”! So rad! Little tiny guitar shapes with Lucky Charmsesque marshmallows.

    ps i just posted a scary leprechaun pic. 🙂

    1. We didn’t feel so awesome after five days of eating it for dinner. And Paul thinks it’s much too sweet which is weird since he loves the Monster cereals.

      Yeah, I saw the leprechaun photo. I think there should be a warning next time. 😉

  5. i feel like a ‘tard. i realized i posted a similar comment in your previous cereal post (about the bill and ted cereal). durrrh.

    a couple of years ago, i had this massive craving for lucky charms cereal. i ate it 2-3 a day. i was obsessed with getting the boxes on sale – you know, double coupons and such. after 1 week, of course i got sick of it. same thing with reese’s peanut butter puffs (that cereal is like crack to me). now i won’t even touch it!

    1. I overdosed on Cocoa Pebbles during college. I loved it once and now I can’t stand to look at the stuff. It’s sad when bad things happen to good cereal. 😦

  6. We eat cereal all the time. We regularly have at least 4 boxes on the counter to choose from, but it has to be 3 to 1 (healthy to “sugary kids stuff”). My kids don’t like really sweet cereals; occasionally they will ask for Lucky Charms, but I got wise when my younger one would just eat marshmallows, drink all the milk, and leave the cereal! When you were a kid, did you pick the cereal just for the toy inside?!

    1. That’s a pretty good ratio of healthy to bad cereals. The cereals I remember getting as a kid were Rice Krispies (never sweet enough for me), Corn Flakes (my mom’s cereal of choice) and Apple Jacks. We were so Americanized!

      And yes! What kid is blind to the prize within the box. The cereal just gets in the way!

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