Orange You Glad? Wanna-Be Orange Julius Recipe

There are a few things I long from the past: the ability to fill up a tank of gas with a handful of loose change, my once boundless and youthful energy and the original Orange Julius.

Orange Julius

While the last item is a mild exaggeration, there is no doubt that Orange Julius has changed quite a bit. Nowadays you can sometimes find them sharing retail space with Dairy Queen in a few select mall locations, and the once-creamy, frothy and orange-flavored drink with a hint of vanilla is now a shadow of its former self. Today’s signature drink has lost its heft and is watered down. Where has all the creaminess gone?

I actually felt bad for the employee at Orange Julius, who had to listen to me relive my tales of ordering an Orange Julius after band class and that her creation tasted like nothing from my youth. But I did find out one thing from her: egg whites are omitted from today’s recipe.

Orange Julius ingredients

This bit of info sent me into a research tizzy and a need to recreate it on my own. While I tried to make it authentic as possible, I wasn’t down with using egg whites in the final product. I found other recipes which used instant vanilla pudding for that creamy consistency and vanilla flavoring. Instead, I substituted vanilla ice cream to give this version of Orange Julius a bit of a vanilla bump that I fondly remember. My version splits one heaping scoop of premium vanilla ice cream between two servings. The powdered sugar cuts down any bitter orange taste and is also used as a declumping agent.

Bu if you feel the need the add more or even try using pasteurized egg whites for a frothy head, this recipe allows for various interpretations that you can easily adjust.

Wanna-Be Orange Julius

Serves 2

1/2 can (3 ounces) frozen orange juice concentrate
1 large scoop vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1/8 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Approximately 8-10 ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in a blender except the ice cream and ice cubes. Cover and whip until frozen orange juice concentrate is broken up.

Slowly add two ice cubes at the time and pulse the blender for a few moments. Add ice cream and pulse for final time until well blended.

Divide into two glasses and serve immediately.

14 thoughts on “Orange You Glad? Wanna-Be Orange Julius Recipe

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  1. I remember loving Orange Julius! I had no idea the drink changed. Aside from the orange version, I remember like the strawberry drink just as much.

  2. i’ve only had an orange julius drink once…and that was back in the late 80’s. i didn’t know about the egg whites. kind of makes me want to gag. but i like your version with the ice cream! my daughter would really like this…

  3. Orange Julius…Hot Dog on a Stick. Those were fun mall places in the days of our youth! We tried to re-created the orange drink too. The hubby found a powder packet at the supermarket that was supposed to make the similar texture. He said one of the ingredients was pectin. He had an Orange Julius just the other day and said it was watered-down, flat, and disappointing. If we find the name of the packet, I’ll let you know soonest. (I think there was orange and strawberry flavors).

  4. Oh man, that’s sad. I worked at an OJ in the good old days and the egg whites really made the drink. I have fond memories of filling up a large cup with whatever little bits were left in the blenders and drinking it on my walk home.

    The store I worked at used egg white powder, which you can get at grocery stores. The basic recipe was fresh-squeezed orange juice, egg white powder, and a special sugar water mix made by Pepsi — like pop without any carbonation or flavor.

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