Bizarre Foods America Uncut: Andrew Zimmern at Oasis Ice Cream


Between prepping for comic-con, the actual event itself, recovering and situating our household for the “big move,” we overlooked Andrew Zimmern’s episode of Bizarre Foods America featuring San Diego. As I’m patiently awaiting for the episode to on non-cable venues, friend and fellow blogger, Marie, and I had an opportunity to meet him at Aqui es Texcoco in Chula Vista this past February and invite him for ice cream. And he accepted.

Zimmern in Car

What was supposed to be an interview for Marie turned out to be an impromptu ice cream social at Oasis Ice Cream. We were starstuck as Zimmern followed us in his Mustang convertible rental further south to Imperial Beach to take a break from taping. While the whole incident wasn’t captured on film by his crew, I did manage to capture this little video of him ordering ice cream.

To say people were flipping out that a easily recognizable celebrity chef was visiting this tiny strip mall is an understatement. Women getting their hair done walked out of neighboring salons still wearing their curlers and made it a priority to shake his hand and take photos with their cell phone. It was an eventful day topped off with ice cream at one of my favorite places.

Zimmern with fan

11 thoughts on “Bizarre Foods America Uncut: Andrew Zimmern at Oasis Ice Cream

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  1. So cool that Zimmern went down to your old hood for some ice cream!

    The girl who served him is usually there when we go.

    By the way, the Albertsons in that strip mall is now CLOSED. Wut!?

      1. Yes, I totally remember Alpha Beta. There was one AB next to Montgomery High too. Long gone. The Albertson’s is all boarded up now. Sad.

  2. What a great experience and added memory to your old neighborhood! He seems like he’d be a very nice and friendly guy!

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