Islands’ September Offerings + Giveaway


In terms of burger joints, Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks seems to have fallen off the list of possible contenders. Why go to Islands when there’s a host of other possible candidates? Well, Islands is upping their game by offering a host of seasonal selections starting this month, most notableably with the introduction of their Point Break sliders and — for the burger-weary like me — Chicken Beach Bowl.

Point Break sliders

Islands’ Point Break Sliders ($5.95) are miniature versions of the Point Break Burger ($10.95). Four mini burgers are included in one order and like their hefty counterpart, are topped with blue and Gruyere cheese with a large helping of caramelized bacon and onion relish. It’s a flavor-packed burger, but for the onion-wary, it may be a too much. It’s optimum for sharing especially when Islands’ Endless Fries are ordered.

While Islands touts their burgers in their name, they also offer alternatives: tacos, salads, tortilla soup, rice bowls and chicken wings.

As part of Islands’ conscientious efforts to offer healthier options, there are several menu items weighing in less than 600 calories. (Many of their burgers top more than 1,000 calories.) The most well-balanced of the selection are the rice bowls.

Big Bowl

With a choice of grilled chicken or mahi-mahi, the Beach Bowl ($9.49) includes short grain brown rice, steamed veggies, pineapple with hoisin sauce to tie it all together. As a companion to an often eager burger fiend, it’s nice to know that alternatives to sandwiches exist at Islands. It’s a very hearty and healthy meal.

Also premiering at Islands this month for a limited time are a selection of drinks to wet your whistle: Jager Bay ($8.25), Maker’s Wedge ($8.65) and Paradise’s Mai Tai ($7.35). Each drink has a distinctive flavor profile and caters to a different segment of drinkers. The Jager Bay encompasses Jagermeister, coconut rum and pineapple juice (my personal favorite) with no strong alcohol aftertaste, compared to the sock-it-between-your-eyes Maker’s Wedge (Maker’s Mark, ginger liquor, pineapple juice and agave nectar). But if calories are of importance and you still want to indulge, the refreshing Paradise Mai Tai comes in at a mere 149 calories.

Bar Area

Happy Hour fries

With football season just starting up, Happy Hour deals are offered on weekdays with specials on some of their regularly price items including a big plate of fresh-cut fries ($1.95) to supplement any of their drink deals and food items. The Happy Hour prices are only available in the bar area.

Based in Carlsbad (California), Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks has several locations in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

Island Swag

Now for the giveaway. Leave a comment before Friday, September 21 about your favorite item at Islands and I’ll randomly select one person to receive a $25 gift card to the restaurant, an Islands t-shirt, beach towel, can cozy AND an insulated backpack with speakers. (Items are pictured above.)

This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents. Good luck!


Using, comment number 5 was selected. Congratulations, Morgan! Please email me your address and I’ll get this package off to you soon.

The meal and products were provided compliments of Islands Restaurant. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own.

67 thoughts on “Islands’ September Offerings + Giveaway

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  1. My mother-in-law LOVES the Island happy hour with their generous Chardonnay pours and teriyaki tacos. I would love to gift her the $25 and swag. Thanks!

  2. I love ordering their full-size burgers with onions, cheese, and avo! And forget the fries…it’s onion rings, all the way for me!

  3. I am a SoCal gal living in Vegas, and am fortunate to have an Islands Islands favorites:
    -Yaki chicken soft tacos
    -Moa Kai Tuna Sandwich (on wheat bun)
    -Island Fries with a mixture of ketchup & Islands Seasoning
    -Cola Lime Ice (refreshing in this heat!)

  4. The Hula burger is my favorite. Love the mushrooms and the ones that fall out they are great as fries toppers – endless fries – yummy. I love me some Islands.

  5. Oh, Islands 🙂 I LOVE your veggie patties, and I am soooooo excited that you added the bowls! What a fun place Islands has been to take the kids. They have so much fun just looking around at the tropical decor! Thanks 🙂

  6. I order off the menu of an Islands Classic. I get the Makaha burger on a wheat bun. It is my favorite burger there. I have been getting that burger for 13 years….. Love me some Islands!

  7. Love, love, love the Yaki tacos and the fries are amazing. Love this place. The new items look good but I have trouble ordering anything but my normal. Hehe.

  8. I just recently tried the sliders and have to say that they are definitely my favorite new item. You are correct when you say that with a side of fries (my second favorite food item) that it is enough food for two. I ate only two of the sliders and took the rest home. The mix of bleu and gruyere cheese was something I was skeptical of at first since normally I don’t care for bleu, but along with the carmelized onions (I can never get too many onions on my burgers) made for a delicious flavor packed taste that I absolutely love. Think I’ll give the chicken beach bowl a try next.

  9. The Maui burger is my favorite, but for a lighter meal I like the North Shore limited tacos. they are excellent and many less calories. A cola Lime ice is always a great treat. And of course, did you manage to save room for a Chocolate Lava. If not the new smaller brownie desert is a good option.

  10. Hot wings with a Cold beer to start off then a bacon avoc cheese burger with endless hot fries and another Cold beer Yumm

  11. China Coast salad if it’s lunch or for dinner the Shorebird with Guac instead of mayo and an Islands Golden Ale…mmm… now I need to go!

  12. My 14y/o daughter and I LOVE to have dates on beautiful ISLANDS. We usually get the ceasar salad and tortilla and split it since money is tight these days.

  13. For the last 16 years that I have been going there, I will never stray away from the Northshore tacos with fries and Passion Tea!

  14. I usually get the Shorebird Chicken Sandwich on a wheat roll and an ice cold michelobe ultra to wash it down. The sliders sound good though, i will have to try them next time. I always stop at Islands to eat after I run the Santa Monica Stairs or hanging out at the beach all day. It’s the perfect place to stop, after a day at the beach.

  15. My favorite item is the Mavericks burger. The crispy onion straws, BBQ sauce and cheese make for a delicious burger! Definitely try it if you haven’t already. 🙂

  16. I love all the burgers. Kileaua is a good one it the Maui too. I always get one of those burgers. I’m the one who posted the paddle board race video on Facebook.

  17. Their Tiki Tenders with a side of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing are the best. They are the most tender and juicy chicken strips around. For a while they removed them from their happy hour menu but now they are back. Pair it with a nice cold beer or ice tea and your are set! Thank you Islands!

  18. Islands has the best french fries anywhere. Their burgers are juicy and delicious and it’s an all-out dining treat whenever I get to eat there.

  19. Sandpiper on wheat with the chicken well done. Please add onions. Upgrade to cheddar fries please with 2 sides of the delicious honey mustard that is back along with 1 side of ranch. Don’t forget my passion fruit iced tea with the ice on the side please. Pure bliss. Why am I still typing…? On my way to Islands!

  20. It’s really hard to pick a favorite because I love just about everything, if I have to choose just 1, I will have to go with the nachos, yummy!

  21. Everything I have ever gotten at Islands has been delicious. Staring with the appetizers, to their burgers and their Mahi Mahi. Islands is one of my favorite places to Dine. With family and friends!

  22. I have become hooked on the bowls (specifically the with chicken). I have been trying to get my fill of them before they are no longer available. I have also talked others into trying them and the like them as well. It is a nice alternative to a burger or tacos. Keep up the fabulous food. Thanks.

  23. My favorite thing to at Islands is the following:
    Order a Big Wave with Cheese (and grilled onions)
    Order a Tortilla Soup
    And then pour some of the soup inside the burger!

    It is delicious! I also love using the soup as a dipping sauce for fries! Om nom nom!

  24. I love their Rincon Burger; especially with the amazing hot fries. :] I also *HIGHLY* recommend ordering their chocolate lava dessert after :L, which you definitely have to try once!

  25. I would order the Rincon burger any day, especially with the glorious, piping-hot fries on the side! I also *HIGHLY* recommend the Chocolate Lava as dessert, especially to share with someone.. so perfect!

  26. I would order the Rincon burger any day, especially with the glorious, piping-hot fries on the side! I also *HIGHLY* recommend the Chocolate Lava as dessert, especially to share with someone.. so perfect! Keep it up, Island’s!

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