Food Jewelry Fashion + Giveaway

It’s hard to admit — I’m not much into fashion nowadays. It’s hard to keep up with the latest styles and aside from a choice few pieces I like to update every season, I’m not really into keeping up with trends… unless that trend is food jewelry. And my fascination started at the age of 9.

Pin collection

Upon leaving San Diego to North Chicago for my dad’s temporary deployment at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, my cousin gifted me with a handkerchief full of pins. And they weren’t just any old pins — they were mini candy bar replicas. Mars bar, Mr. Goodbar, Snickers, Milky Way — all my favorite candy bars plus a few I’ve never heard of before. I loved the pins so much that I wore all of them at the same time as a “fashion statement” to the envy of my classmates. They were my personal bling for several years right until my tweens.

Sadly, I eventually lost track of them over the years. I was even bullied into handing one over to a notorious gangster girl in junior high so I wouldn’t get my ass kicked (true story). The only one that remains (and my favorite), is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pin.

The pin is housed safely in a box with a collection of other pins. But my love for food-inspired jewelry was recently reignited when I spotted Hillary Orr’s creations earlier this year.

Hillary Orr is the creator of Sugar Addict Creations and she was selling her wares at San Diego Comic-Con alongside her brother, Justin, a very talented graphic artist.

Toast pendant

Hilary hand-crafts a variety of items but the non-edible food replicas are my favorites. Pizza, donuts, sushi, cake… whatever she fancies at the moment. It’s difficult to chose just one.

To my knowledge, her creations aren’t available online but here’s your chance to win one for yourself. Leave a comment what food you would wear as jewelry and you could win strawberry jam on toast necklace. One winner will be chosen randomly. Deadline is Tuesday, September 18.

Good luck!

Congratulations to Lola in Las Vegas who was randomly chosen using to select the winner. Please send me your address and I’ll get the necklace over to you ASAP. Congrats again!!

18 thoughts on “Food Jewelry Fashion + Giveaway

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  1. If chosen, this would be for my girlfriend. But in order to comply, I would probably want to wear something beer-related.

  2. I think it would be absolutely adorable to wear little wine bottles as earrings, especially to a wine tasting party or vineyard. Grapes are also cute and would make nice earrings or a necklace.

  3. Cool story about the candy bar pins, except when you were coerced into giving one to the girl bully. 😦 bullies suck!

    I would totally wear something dessert related (cupcake, cake, ice cream) as a pendant or as charms on a bracelet. I would also wear something fruit related! Fruit is always cute!

    1. I actually saw some macaron rings at Royal T Cafe (a cosplay cafe/art gallery in Culver City), a bit pricy at $18 for those ‘adjustable’ rings. Fyi.

  4. Ah, I am a complete foodie, and would be honored to win such prizes!
    Btw, in high school (back in the glorious 80’s), I would adorn my fave jacket with pins, too!

  5. totally cute necklace. i’d wear spam musubi or xiao long bao. wearing it is better than eating it less calories and so cute.

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