Puppy Photo Outtakes + The Animal Pad

Dog composite

It’s one thing taking photos of food. They are inanimate objects that I can move around, change the light and take (somewhat) decent photos. Restaurant photography is oft-times more challenging than taking photos in the controlled environment of my home. But it’s far more challenging when it involves animals. Namely, a puppy around food.

Kitty Cookie

For the last post, Classic Cartoons + Kitty Cookies Recipe, I had envisioned in my head a fairly accurate replica of one scene from the cartoon (seen above). Even though I didn’t have an actual bulldog to sit in for Mark Anthony, I was confident that there would be no problem. I was wrong. Puppies have a mind of their own and our puppy, The Doctor (a black lab and collie mix), was an unwilling participant that was easily bored/distracted or wanted to have a nip of the cookie. (He failed on the last item despite several valiant tries.)

I’ll just go back to shooting food.


The Animal Pad (aka TAP), is a nonprofit animal organization based here in San Diego. Their mission is to save animals, both dogs and cats both grownup and youngsters, from high kill shelters. Beyond rescuing animals, they also rehabilitate them and help them find new homes. If you’re looking for a pet this season, consider going to a shelter or organization like TAP instead of adopting from a breeder. They also accept donations and looking for foster homes to care and help rehabilitate animals like our puppy.

Visit their newly webpage here and they can also be found on Facebook.

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