Broken Thumbs, Bertolli’s Easy Meals + Giveaway

Pasta with cast

Here at the household, we’re in a tizzy — the arrival of the holidays are only adding to the stress of a puppy and dealing with Paul’s broken thumb. While the broken thumb and the arrival of a new furry creature are somewhat related, it’s made cooking and eating a bit of a challenge.

The kitchen is my domain, though there have been a few days where Paul has been left to fend for himself. And with a broken thumb — especially the one on the dominant hand — it can be a bit of challenge with everyday life. Things he can’t do with a broken thumb include tying shoelaces, opening bottles (especially the prescription bottle containing painkillers), using utensils and, sadly, drawing.

Bertolli package

That’s where I look to Bertolli’s frozen meals. The prospect of having a meal ready for two people in 10 minutes or less was intriguing, and in my opinion, a much better option than the scary frozen pizza.

The only thing needed to cook the pasta-centric meals is a tight fitting lid and sauce pan. Or if you’re of the microwave slave set, that cooking option is also available. And while the meals are good, each one makes an exceptional starting point to add more ingredients for a well-rounded flavor.

For instance, the Chicken Florentine & Farfalle is fine on its own but can made heartier as well as healthier with the addition of fresh spinach. And with the Shrimp Scampi and Linguine, a dash of sherry adds more depth to the flavor.

Cooked pasta

There are ten frozen meals and six hearty soups which retail for approximately $8.99 each and here’s your chance to try four.

Leave a comment of how hectic your holiday season is and I’ll randomly select one person to receive four coupons to try Bertolli’s frozen meals for themselves. Contest ends December 28. Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Broken Thumbs, Bertolli’s Easy Meals + Giveaway

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  1. I’m still doing my Christmas shopping and it keeps growing. I would love to try some prepared meals so I’m not eating out all the time.

  2. I thought last Christmas was hectic. Oh, how my perspective has changed now that our once-immobile baby has become an insanely active toddler! And he loves pasta, so hopefully he’ll like the Bertolli’s meals.

  3. Bummer about the broken thumb! Hope he feels better 🙂 I recently finished up a grand opening event at my full time job. Thought we were all done for the year, but last week we got the news that we have to host -another- major event on December 18!! A very crazy holiday season indeed.

  4. Its not yet hectic for right now but will be next week with all the holiday cooking and gift giving. Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Do you have “Mystic Pizza” frozen pizza available in your supermarkets? It may be frozen, but the ingredients list reads like a grocery list rather than a chem lab supply list, and – gasp – they actually taste good, too!

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