Friday’s Fast-Food Fishtacular! – Jack in the Box NEW Fish Sandwich

Jack in the Box logo

The last time I had a Jack in the Box fish sandwich was for this blog. I thought it was average and unmemorable so I never went back. Sitting at a red light I spied a Jack in the Box window poster touting a “new” fish sandwich. I decided to pay another visit. After all, I did with Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr.  Would their new fish sandwich be an improvement, another disappointment or “new” in name only?

JBX Fish Sandwich

Upon trying their most-recent offering, I was surprised at how large the sandwich was. Contained within the standard Jumbo Jack bun was a sizeable slab of breaded Alaska pollock and shredded lettuce held in place — for the most part — with a large splat of tartar sauce. The breading looked more like the kind you’d get with fish ‘n chips than the typical deep-fried fast food breadcrumbs/panko.

JBX Fish sandwich

Maybe Jack listens to feedback because this sandwich is a big improvement. Finally, the fish tastes like it came from Jack in the Box — I don’t know if it’s their seasoning, breading or even the oil, but it’s a close cousin to their chicken sandwiches/nuggets. The tartar sauce stands out (to me); it’s one of my favorites. The shredded lettuce was plentiful and crisp, and the bun did its job to keep everything together (worth mentioning, because a few sandwiches I’ve tried suffered from “bun breakapart syndrome”). I think this just took one of the top spots, certainly leaving Wendy’s in its wake.

The Fish Sandwich has 387 calories (their previous sandwich was 466 calories) and 15 grams of fat. It’s $2.49 every day except Friday, when it’s only $1.00. For an additional $0.30 you can get a slice of cheese on it, but I think that’s unnecessary.

Bravo, JBX. You’ve made one of the best fish sandwiches for the drive-thru lunch crowd AND the cheapest (if you get one on Friday).

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4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fast-Food Fishtacular! – Jack in the Box NEW Fish Sandwich

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  1. When I was a kid, I remember the fish sandwich being called a “Moby Jack.” I miss Jack in the Box…the 2 tacos for 99 cents, the onion rings, and the Jumbo Jack w/extra tomato. =)

  2. You’ve sold me! I’m heading there this Friday. For the most part Jack in the Box is the only fast food that I frequent. And I love a good fish sammie.

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