My Love-Hate Relationship: Bardot Bars


Considering my love for all things ice cream I had to ask myself recently if price was an issue when I visited Bardot Bars, an upscale ice cream shop that opened last year in La Jolla. But there are several things to consider with Bardot:

  • It’s located in the heart of La Jolla, smack on Prospect Street between Herschel and Girard. If you crane your head a bit, you can see the ocean and in the opposite direction the multi-million dollar properties. It’s one of two locations with the second at UTC. (Two other locations can be found in the L.A. area.)


  • The entire shop is set up like a boutique jewelry store. Ice cream bars are set behind glass for you to ogle. The only thing missing a security guard to watch over any unsavory characters.
  • The bars are made with high-quality ingredients: Belgian chocolate, Manila mangoes, marscapone, etc.
  • If you order four or more ice cream bars, they pack it in dry ice with an assurance that they will last for several hours. Now that’s fancy!

Both bars

Even with all those items factored it, it hits you right in the gut when handing over $5+ for an ice cream bar. With its red stick and intricate design, I hate myself for wanting to eat something so fleeting. But I went ahead and did it anyways.

Scarlett Letter inside

The Scarlet Letter ($5.80) is part of their higher end Bardot Collection. If there’s a flagship ice cream bar for Bardot, this is it. With its lipstick design, it’s similar to what the model on the display window is holding over her own lips. The bar is made up with dark, milk and and chocolate layers and a nice coating of chocolate. Despite its looks, it’s underwhelming even with its visible stacked layers seen after one bite.

Ebony & Ivory

But the Ebony & Ivory ($5.40) is a different story and is included in their lower (but not much lower) priced Classic Collection. Marcarpone and dulce de leche make up the interior of the milk chocolate-covered ice cream bar. There’s a tiny hint of saltiness that doesn’t distract from the creaminess. It’s a complex taste and being a fan of anything dulce de leche, it left me licking the stick, not wanting to waste an ounce of deliciousness.


Other cleverly named ice cream bars available at Bardot include The Heart of Darkness (chocolate), Lucifer’s Dream (marshmallow) and Mr. Wilson (coconut). They all sound delicious but trying them all requires a bigger stomach and a hefty pocketbook.

An alternative to breaking the bank on these pretty bars, Magnum sells a comparable product that’s a fraction of the cost, is available at most grocery stores and often have limited flavors available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a view of the ocean.

Bardot Bars
1025 Prospect Avenue
San Diego, CA 92037

9 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship: Bardot Bars

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  1. Those ice cream bars are beautiful. Almost too pretty too eat but for $5 AND having to go into La Jolla, it’s too much.

  2. I have yet to try a Bardot Bar, but I am dying too! They look so pretty 🙂

  3. I haven’t been able to bring myself to try these out. I think that Vivapops are a bit pricey and they average about $3 a pop! Despite that though, they are some pretty looking bars.

  4. Yikes, over $5 a bar? Dayummmm!!! The bars look so good though ((droool))

    I’m surprised this place is still around but i guess the Richie Rich’s in La Jolla can afford these.

      1. It was for “research” purposes. 😉 i’ve been guilty of the same thing at other places….

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