My Love-Hate Relationship: Bardot Bars

Considering my love for all things ice cream I had to ask myself recently if price was an issue when I visited Bardot Bars, an upscale ice cream shop that opened last year in La Jolla. But there are several things to consider with Bardot: It's located in the heart of La Jolla, smack on Prospect... Continue Reading →

Five pounds in two and a half days

My labor day weekend was a pseudo-honeymoon. Honeymoon because we really didn't do anything special after our wedding. And pseudo because we really wanted to go someplace neither one of us has been before like Alaska or our dream destination, the Galapagos Islands. But funds and my lack of vacation time is a barrier to... Continue Reading →

Seen at my local Albertons

Based on my last post, It's It is available locally in San Diego. Thanks for the heads up. I can indulge all I want without having to travel long distances. But I'm officially on a diet until June so the ice cream sandwiches will have to wait.

Kookies and Milk

(Disclaimer -- I don't like the word "kook." I think it's lame and archaic. But it fit as the blog's headline. "Tweakers and Milk" doesn't have the same ring. -P.Ho)This past Saturday Darlene, her brother Warren and I went up to L.A. to hit some favorite haunts and while in Sherman Oaks we spotted a... Continue Reading →

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