Taco Bell’s Breakfast Experiment: Waffle Tacos

Taco Bell signage

Taco Bell has been on a roll lately. With the introduction of tacos encased in Dorito shell followed a year later with a Cool Ranch version, they’ve rolled out with a breakfast variety but in a waffle form.

Waffle Taco

The appropriately named Waffle Taco has only one confirmed sighting and it’s in Santa Ana. Considering Taco Bell’s headquarters is located in Irvine, it makes sense to keep this experiment close to home. As with all breakfast items on their menu, the Waffle Tacos are only available until 11 a.m. How long they’ll have it on available on their menu as well a future outside of Orange County is still undetermined.

At $0.89, the Waffle Tacos are a steal, but the execution —specifically the fillings— was unimpressive. Each Waffle Taco consists of a waffle surrounding a sausage patty and scrambled eggs. The sausage was spongy and tasteless (meat and meat byproducts have never been a strong suit for this franchise). Meanwhile, the eggs are reminiscent of the powdered faux eggs mixes served at schools. Even the “table syrup” condiment did nothing to help tie the entire thing together. The only redeeming quality is the light and crisp waffle. At this price point, I wouldn’t hesitate to toss the filling and just eat the waffle instead. What should have been a salty-sweet morning treat needs to head back to the drawing board.

Waffle Taco bite

If you must check it out for yourself, head over to 2246 S. Grand Ave. in Santa Ana while it’s still available.

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  1. I was totally thinking about breakfast tacos this morning! My two-year-old loves eating a blueberry waffle with peanut butter for breakfast each day. Of course, it only occurred to me recently that I could totally avoid the daily PB-smeared face (and hands and clothes) situation by simply folding the thing in half…I chalk that up to my pre-coffee groggy state each morning.

    And, really, it’s too bad the filling was gross. Then again, it doesn’t particularly surprise me either, considering it’s from Taco Hell Bell…

      1. Oh, he definitely thinks it’s delicious — he had two of them this morning!

        On a related Taco Bell note, I noticed the College and University avenues location is advertising the A.M. Crunchwrap. I don’t think I’d want to hit the place up for what they’ve dubbed “first meal,” but I’m sure I have some SDSU neighbors who think it’s delicious.

  2. The waffle and sausage I could stand, but fake eggs have always made me queasy. My taco bell fave will always the the Crunchwrap Supreme ❤

    1. I’ll check out the crunchwrap. I always feel a tinge of guilt going to Taco Bell when Southern California has a mom-and-pop taco shop at every corner.

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