IKEA Not: IKEA Now Sells Candy

Late last year and early into this year, I was in a frenzy to get our bedroom into tip top shape. That includes upgrading our full-sized bed – yes, full! – into a queen, buying a bed frame and installing floating shelves to save space in our tight quarters. This involved multiple trips to and... Continue Reading →

Taste the Rainbow – in a Bagel!

If you thought rainbow bagels were only available in NYC – apparently the epicenter of all cool, trendy food – you can also find them here in good old San Diego. And I'll tell you where you can find them. Are you listening closely? D.Z. Akins! My recent work travels had my go to La Mesa... Continue Reading →

Creepy Commercials

Commercials hardly affect me anymore. Much of what we watch is online or caught via DVR, and since I usually fast-forward through commercials, I hardly watch them. Even when they're on, it's easy for me to ignore them until they're over. But once in a while I see one that's so different I can't help... Continue Reading →

Variety is the Pumpkin Spice of Life

Note from Darlene: A trip to any big box retailer isn't complete without stopping by the chip/candy/cookie aisle. The choices of overwhelming. Here's Paul's take on the trend. I have a pretty good memory when it comes to random consumerism, especially from my youth. I can still recite commercial jingles long-since mothballed and recall packaging and... Continue Reading →

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