Visions of Donuts Dance in My Head

Happy National Donut Day! I had originally intended not to post about today but decided at the last moment to acknowledge it with some of my favorite donut memories. Or doughnuts if you insist.

Donut shooters

Mental Floss did a roundup of 17 Extreme Donuts That Look Like They’ll Kill You and my donut shooters from last year was listed at #11. It’s a great honor and if you’re here because of that, welcome!

The photo shoot of the donut shooters were taken shortly after we had signed the papers to the house and the donut holes we purchased from Vons were stale. Being one who hates to throw away food, I suggested we put alcohol in them and pop them in our mouths. Delicious. The shot glasses are the only two remaining glasses of a four glass set that spelled out They Might Be Giants when put together.

Crochet donut

Donuts can be also be found in inedible forms like the crochet donut I spied at Christy’s Donuts in Serra Mesa. The woman behind the counter had her cousin knit it up especially for the shop.

Home Sweet Horn

Shortly after we moved into our house, good friend Erin from Iowa sent us this marvelous needlepoint featuring a donut, of course. It proudly hangs in our kitchen. I’m so amazed at her needle work and time she spent to make this for us.

Predonut tasting

In the way of departed donut shops, I miss Frittelli’s Doughnuts & Coffee the most. It was situated in Beverly Hills and had the best peanut-butter-and-jelly-filled donut I’ve ever tasted.

It's those donuts

By way of fictional donuts, back in 2007, Paul and I ventured to Burbank to check out the 7-Eleven transformed into Kwik-E-Mart in conjunction with The Simpsons movie. It was cool to be able to walk into the store and grab a bright pink donut.

Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe's

The most recent donut atrocity I encountered was the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe being offered at this year’s San Diego County Fair. It’s a waste of a perfectly good donut and I don’t even like Krispy Kreme.

Girl with Donut Tattoo sketch

Last but not least, when Paul and I released The Girl with the Donut Tattoo last year, the cover went through several revisions. I had an initial idea of how I wanted the cover to look (holding a coffee cup over my bicep). In reality, a human arm can’t do that. At least not comfortably without spilling the contents of the coffee cup. So instead when I modeled the cover for him, I just made a fist. (I still want a donut tattoo by the way.)

Hope you’re having a Happy National Donut Day!

7 thoughts on “Visions of Donuts Dance in My Head

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    1. Yeah, but what holds me back is when I see old military men and what used to be their cool tattoo, I rethink it. Maybe when I’m 60!

  1. I want a crochet donut, too! Surely someone on Etsy sells these kinds of things. Very cute little introspective into donuts! 🙂

  2. Wow. Donut shooters- that’s really something.
    I just had a bright idea! Someone should make a coffee cup cozy in the shape of a donut/or one decorated with donut images.

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