Kwik-E-Mart transformation in Burbank

A call to my brother Friday afternoon…

“Hey Warren. I’m in Burbank leaving a comic book shop on Olive Ave. I’m trying to find that 7-Eleven transformed into a Kwik-E-Mart around here. Could you message the address to my cell?”

“Sure. I just need to turn on my computer and it will take a few minutes but I’ll message you as soon as I can.”

As I’m receiving the message ‘corner of Olive and Verdugo’ from Warren, I see a sign ahead of me.

Burbank's temporary Kwik-E-Mart

A small part of “The Simpsons” brought to life in the San Fernando Valley. Only a handful of 7-Elevens were transformed for the month of July to promote the upcoming movie release and this store was one of them.

Whoever thought of this marketing strategy was brillant because I have never seen or heard of a line to enter a 7-Eleven. While in line, everyone had their cameras ready and primed.

How many other people are taking photos? All.

Once inside, the signs of the transformation continued. The slurpee dispenser were now for Squishees and that familiar pink donut eaten by Homer Simpson were piled in cases. Krusty-Os were sold out but Buzz Cola was still available in packs of four.

It's those donuts

Non-edible items were available as well: Simpsons Monopoly, Simpsons Pez dispensers, etc. If it was attached to The Simpsons, I’m sure it was for sale. It was for the young and old alike for I saw an eldery woman buy hordes of donuts and cola.

As for me, I walked out with vanilla and wild cherry Squishees which helped with the sweltering Los Angeles heat. I’m starting to think this movie might actually turn a profit!

Yummy Squishees

See more of my photos here.

6 thoughts on “Kwik-E-Mart transformation in Burbank

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  1. Photogirl–I thought it was pretty funny too. Apparently when the store first changed, the line up was around the block!

  2. i had heard about this from a friend of mine in Chicagoland, but not to this extent. Love the photos you took. Hilarious. Such a marketing idea, no? Not sure i'm gonna see this movie right away but i will get around to it. Matt Groening is a genius. i still miss the Reader running "Life in Hell." *sigh*You and CJ getting ready and set (GO!) for Comic-Con, are ya!? It's soooooooooon…

  3. Hi Kleopatra–When I think of The Simpsons, I always think of the style when it was on the Tracy Ullman show. How things have changed.

  4. I think I'd have to wear sunglasses before going near the donuts…but they sure look yummy! What a fun thing for 7-11 to do; looking at the locator, the closest one to me currently would be outside San Fran. hmmm, might be worth a road trip soon.I miss "Life in Hell" too! I have a few of those books somewhere in storage. =)

  5. Hi Mrs. Wong–Unfortunately, I did not try the donuts. I was saving my sweet tooth for the Harry Potter thing later that night. But it was tempting! Better hurry to get to one because I think it's only going on for the month of June.

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