Lost San Diego — Hillcrest’s Obey Mural

Obey Giant

Hidden behind Hillcrest’s Snooze and DBar is an Obey Mural. The mural was created and installed by infamous street artist Shepard Fairey in 2010. Fairey is best known for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster and the Andre the Giant Has a Posse (aka Obey Giant) sticker campaign.

This is a relatively new addition to what I think should be included in my tiny collection of forgotten wall artifacts, but it’s significant. Many, like myself, thought it was a great addition to the neighborhood. But a few weeks after it was put up, the entire mural was ruined by splotches of blue paint. The suspects were never found.

Obey Giant mural

I like to imagine that one day in the far future, the mural will be rediscovered, cleaned up and protected by the historical society. I regret not taking a proper photo of the mural before fencing went up to add new restaurant space. (You can see photos of the mural here.)

Last time I looked there is still an existing mural in South Park on Ivy and 30th.

Other Lost San Diego items: Ben-Hur Coffee and Dr Pepper/Hires Root Beer Bottling Company

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