La Fiesta’s Mexican Brunch

La Fiesta exterior

I’m always suspicious when approaching casual, sit-down eateries specializing in Mexican food… especially here in Southern California where there’s a taco place in every corner. But there was something about La Fiesta’s brunch menu that made me curious enough to check it out.

La Fiesta is located on 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter. The restaurants here change so frequently that I don’t know what was originally here. There’s inside and outside dining but outdoor ensures optimal people watching.

The brunch is a new addition to La Fiesta’s menu, only available on the weekends until 2 p.m. It features the usual brunch suspects but with a Mexican twist.

Lobster Benedict

One example is the lobster benedict ($14). La Fiesta takes the traditional eggs benedict and turns it on its head by adding lobster meat and avocado, topping it with chipotle hollandaise and served with diced potatoes and fresh fruit. Everything was on par except the ciabatta, which wasn’t toasted as described on the menu— that would’ve added some much needed crunch to the whole dish. The spicy hollandaise sauce melded nicely with the poached eggs.


I had quite a few problems with chilaquiles verde with added carne asada ($10+$5) that came highly recommended by the server. Instead of the traditional version I was used to, only the chips and salsa verde were cooked together. The scrambled eggs were to the side instead of being stirred in with the chips and salsa. The carne asada was nicely seasoned and topped with creme and panela cheese. It’s a filling meal but not what I was expecting.

La Fiesta Bloody Mary

A plus to their brunch menu is their La Fiesta Bloody Mary ($5) with its vegetable and shrimp skewer.


I always like to end spicy meals with something sweet. The flan hits the right note with shredded coconut topping the creamy Mexican custard. With any FourSquare check-in, the flan is free.

La Fiesta has an extensive happy hour menu including specialty drinks and a choice of 5 tacos at $2 each, made with homemade tortillas. Happy hours are Sunday through Thursday 3-6 p.m.

La Fiesta
628 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

*The brunch was courtesy of BAM Communications and La Fiesta. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for the review.

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