Where to Find Me Online: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc

Does your head swim as much as mine does with the prevalance of online venues? It’s hard to keep up with everything, not to mention my own blog. As annoying as they are, I realize the value of each and I’m active in many of them to some degree.

Here’s a rundown of what I’m active in:



If I don’t respond to you immediately on my blog, I will on Twitter. I know some people hate Twitter but it has its uses. During the blackout of 2011, I discovered the blackout affected all of San Diego County. Twitter oft-times breaks news first. I sometimes arrange outings with Twitter friends. I might even post photos of my new haircut. Twitter is usually fun if you don’t pick fights with other Tweeters.

With comic-con around the corner, I’ll be Live Tweeting interesting costumes, celebrity run-ins and crazy foods.

Find me on Twitter here.



I don’t open up my personal Facebook account to just anyone but this blog has its own group. Sometimes I’ll alert if there’s a new post but it also has fun things from other sources. It’s a tad snarky like me but if you’re on Facebook, I would love for you to follow.

Follow My Burning Kitchen on Facebook here.



I joined Instagram early on when I got my iPhone and quickly abandoned it after posting three photos. But I’m active again. I mostly post photos of my food that doesn’t merit a blog post. And lots of photos of our dog, Doctor. I’ve also posted photo from my boxing class. It’s fun and doesn’t clog up your blog reader.

Follow my Instagram account here.


I’m also on Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr but haven’t touched those accounts in months.

Hopefully I’ll see you online if I don’t see you here on this blog!

2 thoughts on “Where to Find Me Online: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc

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  1. I totally agree with you. I’m overwhelmed with all the different online venues I’m on. I’m terrible at twitter. It’s frustrating to sift through all the stuff I don’t particularly care about. But am really liking instagram lately. I also post lots of pictures of my dog. Love the pics of Doctor!

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