Favorite Comic-Con Moments + Pictures: 2005-2010

Before I get into where to eat for this year’s comic-con, I like to do a slow buildup instead “BAM! Here’s where to eat when you’re downtown.” I thought it would be fun to revisit my most memorable moments over the last five years. Many are photos but some include celebrity run-ins.

Even the Green Lantern Corp have to take a lunch

Captain America on hard times

Back in 2005, I bought my first digital point-and-shoot camera. While it’s cool that I don’t have to scan in photos, the quality isn’t great and oft times blurry. I also started blogging about food in 2005 so I thought thought the sights of Green Lantern Corps having lunch and Captain America shilling hot dogs were amusing and that I might have use for it some day.

Comic Con survival food

Looking at the photo set from 2006, nothing significant happened aside from seeing the usual set of costumed folks. But that was the year my friend Hannah managed to get a friend to drop off food for us. Outside food at a convention is good and appreciated! I believe we ate everything pictured within a day.

Delicious cookies from JustJenn!

How much is that sandwich?

David Arquette mugging for me

At the 2007 convention, I met fellow food blogger JustJenn who dropped off some delicious cookies. I apparently also bought (but didn’t pay for) a sandwich from Ralphs worth more than $500. One of my favorite blog posts is about a conversation I had with David Arquette about Ribs USA in Burbank. It’s true up until the point where the cops handcuff me and take me away.

Syrup and candy

Wil Wheaton & Paul Horn (Cool Jerk)

Abby Denson, Paul Horn

The Professional

One day during the 2008 convention, I stalked an attendee who had pancake syrup and a baggie of candy strapped onto either side. Paul also had to chance to meet Wil Wheaton and super sweet food blogger at City Sweet Tooth and comic creator Abby Denson. As for costumes, how cool is this couple dressed up from The Professional. There’s a plant!

True Blood cast

Stephen Moyer saying 'hi' to me

Newscaster reporting from outside

I really didn’t see anything food-wise at the 2009 convention. The ‘con was a month after our wedding and one of Paul’s readers, Nathan, gifted us with a waffle maker. Later, I was ecstatic to catch the cast of True Blood walking down to a signing at the Warner Bros. booth. Apparently if you’re a newscaster reporting from Comic-Con, you have to dress up. I showed this to my journalist friends and they laughed.

Pacey signing a script for me

Scott Pilgrim was huge at the 2010 convention. The Bayfront Hilton had the movie poster plastered on one side and I spied several people dressed as Ramona Flowers (each with a pink wig and a purse with a star emblazoned on it). In conjunction with the movie, garlic bread was handed outside of the convention center. But the highlight of that year was spotting Joshua Jackson, who was holding his own Pacey-Con. A crew was there to film a gag for Funny or Die and luckily, I didn’t make the cut. You can watch the video here.

There are countless other moments including meeting a few people who read this blog (you know who you are) as well as making new friends. I can’t wait to see what Comic-Con 2013 holds in store. Stay tuned for a post after it’s over!

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  1. Nice memories! I hope you two have another successful year out there. I’ll be sure to show James the photo of you meeting Joshua Jackson; James became a huge fan of Fringe a few months ago and spent weeks just catching up on episodes.

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