San Diego Cronut Contender: Azucar’s Cray-Nut


With the hype surrounding Dominique Ansel’s cronut in New York City, there had to be some imitators. And sure enough, they soon appeared. San Diego has its own version and it’s from Azucar.

Since the cronut name is trademarked, it can’t legally be used. So names like doissant, zonut, cro-nots and host of others are popping up every day in bakeries coast to coast. Azucar has the cray-nut.

Cray-Nut at Azucar

The cray-nut has been available for a while but it’s only available on Mondays starting at noon until stock runs out. You’re S.O.L. unless you’re free on Monday and have time to head over to Ocean Beach.  (I’m SO over the concept of “items available for a limited time.” If you’re going to commit to something, make it available all the time.)


Much like the cronut descriptions, the cray-nut is flaky like a croissant but deep-fried. Where it differs is that it isn’t filled with cream but rolled in powdered sugar.

I was a bit disappointed when the initial story I read about the cray-nut in early June described it filled with coconut-custard spiked with rum and topped with coconut-flavored icing. At $4 a donut for what I received was steep. It was delicious, but right until the last bite I couldn’t help but wonder why they changed the concept. (To make these at home, check out these versions made by Mary at This Tasty Life and Kirbie at Kirbie Cravings.)


If you’re unwilling to shell out $4 for a cray-nut, there are a host of other delicious options at Azucar. I would just stay away from their papas rellanas.

4820 Newport Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107

11 thoughts on “San Diego Cronut Contender: Azucar’s Cray-Nut

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  1. Oh, I wonder why they decided to stop with the filling. I remember reading about it and thinking it sounded awesome – and that too bad I’ll never ever have one. I’m not a fan of the increased price on this either, just because they sell the one in NYC for $5 a pop. I saw one of these at the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago, selling for $5 each. I couldn’t bring myself to get one for that price, but after trying the seller’s almond croissants, I was glad I didn’t get one (terrible croissants!).

    1. Do you know who was selling it at the farmers market? Good call on passing on it. If they can’t do a decent almond croissant, then how can they do an amazing cronut.

  2. What a rip off since there’s no creme filling. I hate it when places hype up their “limited” numbers of whatever fantastic item they’re selling, creating an artificial demand. 😦

  3. The current Craynut has Key lime cream filling. It is AMAZING!!!!! Had my first one today from Azucar. Definitely worth the long line. I’ll be back next Monday!

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