Addendum: RakiRaki’s Underbelly Ramen Burger

After Paul’s visit to RakiRaki, I wanted to check it out for myself.

Rakiraki Ramen menu

Attached at the back of RakiRaki’s menu is a list of their various ramen burgers. All burgers are listed at $8.75 and comes with sweet potato fries. There’s an additional $1 for avocado and green leaf.

As Paul predicted — and he knows me so well — I didn’t go for their beef burger and opted to try their underbelly ramen burger.

Sweet potato fries

When it was served to me the first thing that stood out was the powdered sugar on their sweet potato fries. On Paul’s visit, the fries were simply seasoned with salt and within a week, they decided to add sugar. It’s a weird touch but Paul thought the fries (minus the sugar) were much better this time around.

Ramen burger closeup

There were no surprises to the ramen burger and it was everything I expected. Ramen noodles used were formed into two disks forming a bun and were slightly pan-fried.

Underbelly ramen

Opening the paper wrapper and lifting one of the ramen buns showed a few medallions of thinly sliced pork with nice fatty bits. The menu specifies that the pork is flame blistered and there were a few bits of charring.  This version is reminiscent of stir-fried noodles with pork. The burger and fries were accompanied by ketchup and spicy mayo-sriracha but none were added to the burger. I would have liked a bit of a soy glaze on the burger.

Our revisit was during the hottest days of the summer. Despite the heat, many of the other patrons had ordered steaming bowls of ramen; I was the only person eating the burger and felt self-conscious. Many looked over my way to check it out. I liked the burger but I didn’t have the satisfaction of eating a bowl of ramen like the other patrons. I actually had ramen envy. Although it was a nice try, I’ll stick to the other menu items.

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    1. I just read your post. Weird that there’s some inconsistency regarding the sweet potato fries which should have been a no brainer. I wouldn’t have it again unless it was the original for comparison.

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