Creepy Commercials

Commercials hardly affect me anymore. Much of what we watch is online or caught via DVR, and since I usually fast-forward through commercials, I hardly watch them. Even when they’re on, it’s easy for me to ignore them until they’re over. But once in a while I see one that’s so different I can’t help but stop take notice.

For Halloween, here are a few commercials the recently caught my eye.

Taking a cue from The Munsters and Dark Shadows, this commercial for Kellogg’s Nutrigrain Fruit Crunch is a lighthearted and interesting take on how to deal with mornings. The spot also features the actress Gillian Vigman, who also does commercials for Jack In the Box and 1-800-CONTACTS (“Look here with your special eyes!”). But I remember her best for her small but memorable role in The-40-Year-Old-Virgin.

This commercial for Krinkles from the 1960s is supposed to be fun but is the exact opposite. With the lack of music, bad makeup, this commercial gives clowns a bad rep.

But the most disturbing commercial of all (but unrelated to food) is this Woolite commercial directed by actor/musician/director Rob Zombie, who is best known for his grisly slasher movies films like House of 1000 Corpses. The commercial is haunting and I’ll never look at air-drying laundry the same way again.

Speaking of zombies, I knew zombies hit mainstream when I saw this commercial for Sprint.

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