Scenes from the San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival 2013

The San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival held its annual celebration of food and drink at Embarcadero Marina Park North this Saturday. Over 200 vendors were represented at the festival along with 70 of San Diego’s best restaurants. It was impossible to taste everything but my favorites included the crispy duck skin wrapped in bacon from Barley Mash and the duck fried beignets from R Gang Eatery.

Here are a few shots from Saturday.

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4 thoughts on “Scenes from the San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival 2013

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  1. I’m so jealous you went!! I’ve always always always wanted to try this event but it seemed so pricey. How much was it to attend? I didn’t know if it was like a county fair – super packed and sub par food. But the food looks really good in your photos. And I think I found another person that likes duck skin (or anything duck!) as much as I do 🙂

    1. The usual price to attend is around $100 for wine but a lot less if you’re a designated driver. All the food/drinks is included and you can help yourself several times if you want so I think if you make the most of it, it will pay off.

  2. Oh man, it looks like you had a great time sampling all of that food! The duck skin sounds awesome. I’ll have to think about checking this one out next year.

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