Another San Diego Cronut Contender: Glazed Croissants at K Sandwiches

Glazed Croissant top

K Sandwiches joins the fray in contributing their own version of the cronut: glazed croissants. I happened to spy it during my regular trek for a midmorning cream cheese croissant and can of Faygo Root Beer for Paul. It makes sense they finally have their own version, considering they offer a wide variety of plain, wheat and filled croissants starting at $1.25.

K Sandwiches

Other croissants

The croissants are never my first choice especially when compared to others I’ve tasted in terms of texture and butteriness. But for the price, these croissants cannot be beat. The same goes for their glazed croissants.

Glazed Croissant sign

The glazed croissants can be found right by the cash register for $2 each. There’s no special name and no fancy sign (whoever has the black marker is probably given the job to handwrite the specials). But without a doubt they’re another take on cronuts.

According to the person behind the counter, the glazed croissants have only been around for two weeks and there’s no limit to the amount you can buy. It’s unknown if they’re available every day. My advice would be to call ahead if you’re heading out there for one.

Glazed Croissant side

Glazed Croissant cross section

On first glance, these are taller than other versions I’ve seen and a dissection of the glazed croissant shows no filling. True to its name, there’s a simple glaze that adorns each one.

With the first bite, it’s the oil that hits me first, followed by the taste of the flaky crust. These pastries are still warm to the touch at 10 a.m. Even without a filling they’re delicious.

It’s a good solid pastry that’s months behind the already waning fad. There was no rush to get these when I was in line. I would like to see K Sandwiches do something different with it and maybe offer it as the bread component to a banh mi or incorporate a Sriracha glaze.

K Sandwiches
7604 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA  92111

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11 thoughts on “Another San Diego Cronut Contender: Glazed Croissants at K Sandwiches

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  1. I actually really enjoy the cream cheese croissant at K Sandwiches. It’s like a cheese danish but with more puff pastry, haha. I’ve had a glazed donut croissant at Vons and the glaze was a bit much, but I still want to try this version. Hopefully it won’t be sold out by dinner time, which is when I’m most likely to make it over there 😛

    1. That’s a very accurate description of the cream cheese croissant. Have you tried their chocolate cream cheese croissant? They use chocolate chips and they never melt which makes it a bit disappointing compared to what I’m used to. I’m looking forward to seeing what you think about the glazed croissants.

  2. Ooh, must try eventually! It looks like they raised their prices on their filled croissants. They used to be $1.00. I like your roundups of “Cronut Contenders”! 🙂

  3. Those look awesome! And much more reasonably price than some other variations I have seen around town. Sometimes a simple glaze is much better than anything else, especially when still warm.

      1. 2. Chocolate croissant ($3.99) Flaky, betruty pastry rolls with a chocolate log in the middle. Every package has 4 croissants. I’ve already waxed rhapsodic about this particular treat from TJ’s. In a nutshell, if loving these is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  4. I just passed by this place today and never knew they even had these croissants! Sis and I recently had the cronut at Paris bakery in Hmart and found it overrated and expensive 😦

  5. I finally tried one of these this weekend, as an afterthought. I was actually there for a pate chaud.

    You’re were right on with how oily these were, but man, was it good. It’s not as rich tasting as the one from Paris Baguette. Cheaper here but without the cream filling. I still liked it.

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