A Relief from those Tired Ol’ Buns: Pretzels + Giveaway

Pretzel varieties

Thanksgiving has come and gone again. And once more we’re stuck with leftovers. Creative ways to use leftovers has been a popular fodder in most blog posts and I’ve tried  a few of them. But this year I decided to change it up a bit and go with a different bread to sandwich my leftovers: pretzels!

Pretzels are making a big comeback and fast food joints are taking notice by incorporating them into their newest creations. On the home front here in San Diego, we have the San Diego Pretzel Company, started by Bronx native Harris Golden. Unlike the pretzels I recall growing up with, these are chewy and can be a meal on their own.

San Diego Pretzels can be found in local grocery stores in the freezer aisle, ordered online or spotted at popular destinations like Disneyland and Karl Strauss Restaurants. Just because they’re in the freezer aisle doesn’t mean they’re less fresh, only that the freshness has been suspended until reheated. Like tortilla factories here on the West Coast, bakeries selling pretzels in Pennsylvania are just as common.

San Diego Pretzel CO exterior

San Diego Pretzel Company offer a variety of pretzel goods baked in their National City location. And they’re all made the traditional way— by hand and vegan (with the exception of the hot dog pretzel) with no added GMOs. They’re also very low in fat.

Pretzel puffs

Out of the box, all pretzels are unadorned but come with a salt packet which you can apply to it prior to reheating. That’s only the beginning of customization. They can topped with cinnamon sugar for a sweet alternative, wasabi salt for some punch, etc.

My favorite way is to make a turkey sandwich with a Philly Pretzel, topped with a tiny bit of salt. It’s thick and chewy with a lot of flavor. I don’t mind leftovers so much because of the pretzel bun.

Pretzel sandwich 2

Now for the giveaway.

Jumbo Bavarian pretzel

Here’s something for all the Facebook fans of My Burning Kitchen. You can have a Jumbo Bavarian pretzel gift box (seen above) delivered straight to your home with a personalized message. Visit the Facebook page for more details (click on the giveaway link on the page to enter). Contest ends 12 midnight PST, December 10, and is only open to U.S. residents. Good luck!

*The pretzels and tour is courtesy of San Diego Pretzel Company. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for the review.

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