New at San Diego Comic-Con: The Girl Who Kicked the Donut Habit


By now I would have posted my top choices of where to eat downtown during this year’s comic-con. But you know what? I’ve been hella busy over at Zagat. More importantly, Paul and I pumped out a new comic book that we finished TWO WEEKS ago and we just received the order today. How’s that for last minute?

I think this comic is my best yet. It’s full of original content except for one page that I swiped off of My Burning Kitchen. And while funny, there are some sadder moments to it hence the title. Like the previous comic, The Girl With The Donut Tattoo, look for a commentary for each page as well as few recipes. It retails for $6 with $1 of every sale benefiting the Colon Cancer Alliance.


If you’re still hungry for comic-con related content, check out this piece on Zagat San Diego of superheroes of the dining scene. The photos alone are worth a look.

Paul and I will be at the convention starting today until Sunday. Hope to see you there!

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