Enter Thy Hunger: Where to Eat During Comic-Con

The biggest event of the San Diego summer is here again. I failed to do a round up last year, I felt it my duty to get back on the horse and compile a list of places to eat. While comic-con is the convention event of the year, consider this a list that can apply to any convention downtown, say like the neuroscience convention that my brother attends every other year.

If you can’t possibly break time away from the convention during the day, I’ve also listed grocery shops nearby to stock up on provisions.

Without further ado, here’s my list of old as well as new places within walking distance the convention center.



Consider this grocery store your go-to place for medicine, booze as well as sandwiches and rotisserie chicken if you must. Located on G Street about three blocks away from the convention center, the grocery store is also open 24 hours a day. During the last few comic-cons, they’ve also made it super convenient opening a quick access spot to buy sandwiches outside. 101 G St.; 619-595-1581


Jimbo’s Naturally

What Ralph’s lacks in healthy food, Jimbo’s, found on the bottom of Horton Plaza, has in spades and the two grocery stores are located almost right across from each other.  Jimbo’s offers several hot food areas such as customized burritos and wok’d dishes as well as a salad bar. Go here if the same old food at Ralph’s is looking a little tired (which it tends to do after a few days).  92 Horton Plaza; 619-308-7755


The Kebab Shop

Promises of spiced lamb or chicken-filled shawarmas or döners meet you at 9th Avenue. Wraps start at $8.75 but I’ve noticed that adding carved steak or chicken is a buck more. For a low-carb option, order their döner box that omits the bread completely and is filled with your choice of filling including lamb, chicken or falafel with assorted greens. There is no additional charge to add rice or fries to the box. Also look for their wide selection of fresh salads at the front for those looking for healthy sides.  630 9th Ave.; 619-525-0055

Tin Fish

Need an obligatory San Diego fish taco? Well, this is the place to go. It’s right by the trolley station and literally across the street from the the site. Tin Fish features items like fish ’n’ chips and hamburgers. Warning: It’s always bustling during the ‘con but makes for prime people watching. 170 6th Ave.; 619-238-8100


Located a bit farther away than most places, Hodad’s is as a San Diego  institution for its burger. If you have a average-sized appetite like me, go for the mini-burger with bacon and request no onions or tomatoes (the veggies are thick, cut) with a side of fresh cut potato wedges. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you go any bigger. 945 Broadway; 619-234-6323



Go to this Mexican joint for burritos, tacos and plates piled with carne asada, carnitas and shrimp to name a few. If you haven’t had a California burrito yet, do. It’s a flour tortilla filled with carne asada, cheese, sour cream and fries. Also good is their breakfast burrito (served until 11 AM) and starting at $3.85, it’s a deal and promises to keep you fueled all day with its egg, cheese and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage filling. 202 Park Blvd.; 619-269-6055


The newest on this list isn’t new or old but one of my favorites for its wood-fired and deep-fried pizzas, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Considered fast-casual because you line up at the counter to place an order, Biga’s food rivals those at fancier Italian restaurants. 950 6th Ave.; 619-794-0444

Le Parfait Paris

Le Parfait Paris

If dessert is always on your mind like me, head to this cute cafe for French pastries like macarons, croissants and wildly colorful desserts. Le Parfait also offers savory sandwiches and coffee when you need a break from the activities. Added bonus: the bakery is creating some cute pastries just in time for comic-con. 555 G St.; 619-245-4457


DId you hear that Filipino food is the rise? Here’s your chance to try it and it’s only a brief walk away from the convention center. It’s fancified version of Filipino food meaning it’s plated beautifully. For newbies to the cuisine, order braised pork shank adobo (adobo is the national cuisine of the Philippines) and tell Chef Anthony Sinsay that I sent you. 616 J St.; 619-531-8744

Fogo de Chao

Carnivores will love this Brazilian place as much as I do and it’s the nicer of the two steakhouses in Downtown San Diego. Lunch during the weekdays start at $34.95 and dinner is $54.95 are both on the pricy side but considering it’s all-you-can-eat, I’d make this your go-to splurge dinner filling up on meats plus several tasty sides. As for drinks, don’t miss out caipirinhas, a spin on Brazilian limeade. 668 Sixth Ave.; 619-338-0500

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