Holiday Baking Traditions: Mini Pecan Tarts, Spritz Cookies and Yule Logs

Every December, we fall into the most deliciously wonderful baking rut every year!

Mini pecan tarts It starts with Thanksgiving when I bake up a batch of mini pecan tarts, a project I always baked with my mom and is now a tradition in my tiny family.

Plate of spritz cookiesCome December, Paul and I pull out the cookie press for spritz cookies. We somehow manage to finish off a batch by ourselves.

Caramel-coffee yule logNew this year, and only new because I’ve done it twice now are yule logs right before Christmas. What’s different from last year is the recipe. Instead of a chocolate cake roll, I opted for a caramel-espresso yule log with yellow cake from Cook’s Illustrated. So delicious, this is the version I’m hoping to make year after year!

Do you have any holiday baking traditions you like to make every year? Let me know!

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