New Graphic Novel: 88 Hours

It’s been awhile. Two years to be exact but San Diego Comic-Con is officially in person again. Despite the high rate of COVID infections, Paul and I will be appearing again after the long hiatus. We’ll be older, not necessarily wiser and with a new graphic novel, 88 Hours, about our experience of losing Doctor and finding him again.

It’s a project that we started at the beginning of 2020 and was worked on and off for several months. Like our last collaboration, The Girl Who Kicked the Donut Habit, where I touch on my mom’s death from colon cancer, this graphic novel takes it up even further. Unlike said comic, it has a happy ending.

It’s almost tragic that Doctor doesn’t know this graphic novel is about him and I hope Paul and I are able to convey our deep love for him. I think any pet owner — dog or cat or any other species — is able to relate to.

Pre-orders are open at or if you’ll be a the convention, we’re also taking preorders for pickup by sending $10 via Venmo to

In addition, $1 of every order goes towards Babs Fry’s organization A Way Home for Dogs

I hope to see you there!

PS Thank you so much to everyone who has already placed an order!

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