Puppy Photo Outtakes + The Animal Pad

It’s one thing taking photos of food. They are inanimate objects that I can move around, change the light and take (somewhat) decent photos. Restaurant photography is oft-times more challenging than taking photos in the controlled environment of my home. But it's far more challenging when it involves animals. Namely, a puppy around food. For... Continue Reading →

Momisms and Mini Pecan Tarts

"Don't sleep with your hair wet or you'll go blind." "You have carpal tunnel syndrome because you wash your hands in cold water." "Don't eat uncooked rice or your stomach will explode." As ridiculous as these seem, these are just some of my mom's "sage words of advice." I try not to laugh or roll... Continue Reading →

Girls on Film — My Aha Moment

This summer, Mutual of Omaha traveled around the United States in a silver hitched trailer -- 26 stops in all -- interviewing individuals about their "aha moment." It could range from when someone decided to pursue public service or a decision to leave their full-time job for a career in art. It's an interesting project... Continue Reading →

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