“Weird” Things I Like to Eat

In conjunction with the Halloween season, I thought it would be fun to write about the weird things I eat. I realize what's weird to others isn't weird to me. In fact, it's delicious! Chicken gizzards Some of my fondest memories involves my mom's cooking. Growing up, I thought she was the best cook in... Continue Reading →


Every year on January 22 when the sun hits a certain point in the sky, I think about Allan. He was only 3 when he died and in my 7-year-old mind, my memories of him are scattered. Etched in my mind is feeding him salad with copious amounts of Thousand Island dressing, building backyard tents... Continue Reading →

Year in Review: 2012

This past year has been filled with many highlights for Paul and me. And while I considered writing up a long list of things which were both exciting and stressful, I figured I should take a shortcut and sum it up in photos. January was uneventful especially with a cold that lingered from the previous... Continue Reading →

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