Cupcakes and karaoke

I blame falling victim to singing The Smiths' "Ask" Monday night to a sugar high. Specifically cupcakes and some chocolate pudding made from scratch from Susie Cakes in Brentwood.I discovered Susie Cakes on the Chowhound message board during one of my long Saturday night shifts at work. After all my deadlines have passed, I always... Continue Reading →

Friday morning cupcake

. I can be so lucky. I come into work Friday morning and there is a pile of cupcakes a desk away from me free for the taking! Caramel cupcakes to be exact and a sample batch tested for the upcoming Food section on... CUPCAKES! I'll be buzzing all morning...

On my wish list

Do you ever want something so bad, you're convinced it will somehow change your life? That's how I feel about this book. I imagine cooking up little batches of whimsical cupcakes every Tuesday or perhaps Wednesday to bring to work. But first things first ... I need a cupcake pan! I don't think my mini... Continue Reading →

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