Pub Cakes + Chocolate Winner!

The best thing about having my birthday at the beginning of July? Usually an extended loooooong weekend! A long weekend to sleep. A long weekend to watch movies. And long weekend to indulge in birthday cupcakes! For my birthday this year, I decided to make it all about relaxing: I got in my daily morning... Continue Reading →

Five pounds in two and a half days

My labor day weekend was a pseudo-honeymoon. Honeymoon because we really didn't do anything special after our wedding. And pseudo because we really wanted to go someplace neither one of us has been before like Alaska or our dream destination, the Galapagos Islands. But funds and my lack of vacation time is a barrier to... Continue Reading →

It’s a cupcake thing

I've bought some really disappointing cupcakes lately. (Posts to come later.) But the principal idea behind cupcakes still makes me cheerfully happy inside: a serving of cake for one with tons of frosting. Sharing is optional.So when I heard of Johnny Cupcakes in Los Angeles, I knew I had to visit and check it out... Continue Reading →

Kookies and Milk

(Disclaimer -- I don't like the word "kook." I think it's lame and archaic. But it fit as the blog's headline. "Tweakers and Milk" doesn't have the same ring. -P.Ho)This past Saturday Darlene, her brother Warren and I went up to L.A. to hit some favorite haunts and while in Sherman Oaks we spotted a... Continue Reading →

Halloween 2007 – A wrap-up

So Halloween 2007 was uneventful. In my part of the city where I've seen some odd costumes in previous years, this year was actually quite tame. Years before I've witnessed full-sized Powerpuff Girls ride around in a convertible, the entire Adams family seated at City Delicatssen and a camouflaged duo hide in bushes and scare... Continue Reading →

More Pasadena eating: Violet’s Bakery

It seems unfair to combine Violet's Bakery in Pasadena with the previous post. If I were to sum of my entire year in Los Angeles in relation to food, one word comes up: cupcakes. So when my friend and former coworker Jammie raved about Violet's Cupcake in Pasadena I had to visit. Her petite figure... Continue Reading →

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