Personal trainer guy

This is my personal trainer. Super nice guy. Funny. Married to a really wonderful woman. And in really good shape as you can tell by this photo. His photo was featured in a paper accompanying an article about diet. The most important thing mentioned in the article (and illustrated in the photo) is that carbs... Continue Reading →

I’m hongree

. Well, I was actually hungry only for the first day of my trainer enforced diet. Tuesday night was the big, "Let's go over what you eat now and how you should really eat" session. I was looking forward to it. No muscle stretches, no measurements and definitely no scale. But the numbers he had... Continue Reading →


Second day of my personal training. Already submitted a log of three days worth of food (two weekdays, one weekend) and I was brutally honest. The weekend was especially honest. Logged that I had started the day eating 4 strips of bacon and two eggs. Lunch was BLT. Snack was raw cookie dough followed by... Continue Reading →

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