I’m hongree


Well, I was actually hungry only for the first day of my trainer enforced diet.

Tuesday night was the big, “Let’s go over what you eat now and how you should really eat” session. I was looking forward to it. No muscle stretches, no measurements and definitely no scale. But the numbers he had taken the previous Friday helped him determine how many calories I needed to function for a day, how many calories I’m currently consuming now and how many calories I need to reduce from my diet to lose weight and gain muscle.

From the measurements, trainer guy calculated 31.9% of my total body weight was fat. He wanted me to reduce it to a healthy 25%, all while losing 10 lbs but gaining 2 lbs of muscle. Ten pounds isn’t a lot but its those 10 pounds that I gained while joining Features and prevent me from getting into my favorite pair of pants without looking like a sausage link. But I’m on board and ready to take the challenge. The challenge includes reducing my calorie intake from 2000 to 1512 to lose a pound a week. Not bad actually — it’s something that’s within grasp.

What’s tough. Keeping a food log for two weeks and keeping to the correct food portions. I’m restricted to four servings a day of protein, starch and fruits or veggies. But only three servings of fat. A serving is pretty much 100 (more or less) calories of each item (a pat of butter, an apple, a cup of couscous). Food items can also be mixed like Kashi cereall is also a starch AND a protein. It’s tough to actually find out how many calories are in a portion of salmon. Personal trainer guy told me that 3 ounces of salmon (100 calories) is the size of a cell phone. Not bad. Not bad. Now I just have to find out a way to sneak more veggies into my diet. Apparently a glass of red wine counts!

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