Second day of my personal training. Already submitted a log of three days worth of food (two weekdays, one weekend) and I was brutally honest. The weekend was especially honest. Logged that I had started the day eating 4 strips of bacon and two eggs. Lunch was BLT. Snack was raw cookie dough followed by two cookies. Dinner was two (or was it three?) slices of pizza with sausage, mushroom and olives. Should have also topped it off with bacon to round things off.

Weight and measurements have been taken and logged and workout routine was outline this morning during my 5:30 appointment. That’s 5:30 this morning hence my exhaustion not only at the routine but the time I agreed to meet. Kind of looking forward to tomorrow where my nutrition plan will be set.

I’m blindly trying to eat better (need to get more veggies in) but I’m treating myself to designer fruits. I’m especially fond of the Grapples. The blister packaging describes it as a fuji apple infused with the taste of a concord grape. It’s pricy at four Grapples for $4.99 but it’s quite juicy and the packaging prevents any harm to the perfect looking fruit.

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