Personal trainer guy

This is my personal trainer. Super nice guy. Funny. Married to a really wonderful woman. And in really good shape as you can tell by this photo. His photo was featured in a paper accompanying an article about diet. The most important thing mentioned in the article (and illustrated in the photo) is that carbs are not bad.

Today was the first check in and I’ve lost 2 lbs. One fat lb. and one regular lb. to be exact. I’m estastic! Last night, I had the worst headache accompanied by the throbbing pain in my stomach. I was light headed. P.T.G. (personal trainer guy) told me that my blood sugar was low and to counter the pain I should to drink some juice. It didn’t help that for the past two days, I had been eating way under the recommended calories due to stress and being busy. What I like most about the workout routine set by him is NO AB CRUNCHES. Bless him!

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