Food Detour: Scenes from the Road

This summer has been filled with road trips. It started with a trip through Ohio into Michigan, around Lake Erie through Canada and back through New York State and Pennsylvania. While I'm sure there are more road trips planned for the future, the one thing that always gets me are the unique roadside attractions. You... Continue Reading →

OMG. OMD and DD&D!

"Jou donna haff ta eat soup fhrom a bo" It's been almost 20 years to the day since that headline graced the pages of the University of Nevada, Reno Sagebrush newspaper. It was written by me (as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say it) to accompany the HEARTBURN food column by Nancy Louvat, who was also the... Continue Reading →

Farewell to my famous Irish buddy

No, not THAT guy... I mean everything BUT that guy! I'm sad to report that one of my favorite restaurants has closed as of Monday, March 3. Famous Murphy's -- recently known simply as Murphy's -- was a "Cheers"-like establishment (i.e. nice restaurant upstairs, smoky bar downstairs) in Reno, Nevada. Everything I ate at Famous... Continue Reading →

Reno 911

Okay, so there was really no Reno 911 going on while I was in Nevada but the four days spent there was not long enough. There was a lot of sleeping, exploring and trying new foods as well as familiar ones were had.The seven plus hour drive there was relaxing once the headache inducing traffic... Continue Reading →

Reno nosh

The food I've devoured from Reno is (thankfully) gone from my system. Until my next visit, I only have these photos to remind me what I've eaten. The Nugget The Nugget known for its Awful Awful burger. This monster actually has a slogan: it's awful big and awful good. The Nugget has a few locations... Continue Reading →

Reno, here I come!

This past week has been a mismash of settling down at my new place, adjusting to a new roommate (who hasn't cleaned the floors since last July for the record) and getting ready for my long weekend in Reno. This is about my fifth visit to the Biggest Little City in the world. I still... Continue Reading →

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