Reno 911

Welcome to Nevada sign

Okay, so there was really no Reno 911 going on while I was in Nevada but the four days spent there was not long enough. There was a lot of sleeping, exploring and trying new foods as well as familiar ones were had.

Old Reno sign

The seven plus hour drive there was relaxing once the headache inducing traffic of Los Angeles was cleared. Sure, Reno gets a lot of gruff for being a podunk town but it has its charm. Las Vegas is glitzy and has tons of stuff to do but I remember a Nevada native calling the city souless and a sellout. I’m not here to agree but I appreciate the large unincorporated areas of nothingness. You can’t really get that in Los Angeles.

Fernly back country

As for food, I avoided the buffets. I did revisit The Nugget and Pneumatic Diner. But on this visit, I did make time to visit Scoopers for a quick lunch.

Scoopers menu

Scoopers, located in Sparks, is known for its variety of milkshakes. Also it is very much like Sonic Drive-In where you can park your car, order food from the space and have it delivered right to your car. I did a walk up though and tried the Mighty Mike with an orange creme shake.

Bite of the Mighty Mike

The Mighty Mike is a cheese stuffed hotdog wrapped with bacon and deep fried. Surprisingly, it wasn’t greasy at all. But the fear of it being deep fried was cause enough for me to only eat half of it.

Blue Moon Pizza entrance

Another place visited was Blue Moon Pizza. I’ve been to their first location during a previous visit but they now have a second location near the downtown area.

Blue Moon Pizza

Blue Moon Pizza is arty place that does a lot of business even midmorning. Their thing is gourmet pizza such as Thai inflluenced flavors as well as the basics. There is also the option to choose your own toppings which I did with shrimp, olives and mushrooms. Service is quick and pleasant.

Flavored crickets

I couldn’t help but take a photo of several packages of flavored crickets, mealworms and candy coated ants available at the Parklane Shopping Center. I didn’t try any.

Inside the Silver Legacy

Not much gambling was done. The most lost was $2 in the pennyslots but I’m not much of a gambler in general. The only thing I regret is not having enough time to stop by Lake Tahao.

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  1. Hi Mita!The pizza was good. My only change I would add to the pizza would be to have the shrimp marinated with something.

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