Reno nosh

The food I’ve devoured from Reno is (thankfully) gone from my system. Until my next visit, I only have these photos to remind me what I’ve eaten.

The Nugget
The Nugget known for its Awful Awful burger. This monster actually has a slogan: it’s awful big and awful good. The Nugget has a few locations in Northern Nevada but the Reno site has more character even if the eating space is the size of a hallway. The diner is almost always busy and open 24 hours. (Makes you wonder how they ever get any cleaning done.) Even if you lost all your money, the food here are cheap and plentiful. The Awful Awful runs about $4.50, and the pancake special (which includes two hotcakes and eggs) is a only $.99. There’s a price range for everyone.

Downtown Reno

Alley Entrance to the Nugget
The alley way entrance to the Nugget’s diner. Had to pass a dumpster on the way…

Awful Awful burger
Presenting the Nugget’s Awful Awful. The fries were seasoned with garlic salt and an onion bun sat on the all beef patty.

Casino side of Nugget

The Pneumatic Dinner
Kind of an artsy place located in downtown Reno on the second floor of the Truckee River Lodge. I suspect the people that work here are mostly students from the nearby University of Nevada, Reno because they are all young and sporting a tattoo. Food is good and health-conscious. There are plenty of caffeine drinks. The deadliest of them is The Godzilla which includes of six frozen shots of espresso with sweet cream that’s blended together.

Pneumatic diner
Entrance to the Pneumatic Diner. No frills and a bit difficult to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for from outside.

P.D. Poached Eggs
A simple dish of poached eggs and toast. Those are circles of toast lying on top of the eggs.

Nosh at Pneumatic
I underestimated the P.N. Shredder. Basically potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and other veggies shredded, cooked together and topped with eggs.

Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory
This candy heaven is located between Reno and Carson City. A good place to get chocolate, toffee, taffy and other sweets. Or just free samples.

Nugget Candy Factory
Check out the snow topped mountains. Somewhere behind there lies Lake Tahoe.

Scary candy prospector
Statue of a scary candy prospector. He’s over two stories tall and watches over the factory.

Boxer the desert horned lizard
Boxer, a desert horned lizard, found in the surrounding areas of Reno. He was only slightly larger than a half dollar and warmed up quickly hence him opening his mouth to let off some heat. I kept him for a full day.

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  1. Reno seems pretty cool!!!I live in the canary Island, you would love it, is very sunny always!!!!But soon I will be moving some where else, north I think, how awful, cold weather….

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