Camarones Hawaii in Tijuana


Via my roommate, I became a fan of Los Aterciopelados, a alternative band from Columbia. My roomate’s CD just happened to be in my CD player when I turned it on one weekend and the pulsating sound from the album Gozo Ponderoso caught my attention. All the music is sung in Spanish so I’m usually only catching a snippets of what is being said in the music. When I heard that, Andrea Echeverri, the lead singer of Aterciopelados was coming to Tijuana, I jumped at the chance for a trip down there with my roommate. I knew the trip there would include dinner and drinks prior to the show.
Going to Tijuana with my roommate is an experience. She works out of Tijuana and knows the ins and outs of the city. Her driving is aggressive but safe. Further she knows of all the best restaurants in the city. For dinner that night she chose Los Arcos, a seafood restaurant. She warned me a head of time that the dishes swim in butter and it was true with the ‘Camarones Hawaii’ we both ordered. The shrimp was swimming in butter surrounded by pineapple and cherries but it was a lot of shrimp and the meal included cerviche and roast onions for appetizers. Unfortunately, all I have to show for the dinner is this lollipop.

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