Hangover cure


Didn’t get home until almost 3 from the concert. The wait to cross back into the U.S. wasn’t as bad as feared but I’m really suffering today. It was either the melon margarita, the cigarette smoke or loud music but it was probably. Darn it that my phone started ringing at 8. My judgement must have been off because I agreed to go to IKEA for breakfast of all places! It wasn’t the cure of the hangover as I wished but it did fill me up temporarily. What I really wanted was a something spicy and cheap. I wanted bun from Sau Voi Deli! Bun (pronounced boon) is a Vietnamese noodle salad with carrots, cucumber, bean spouts and mint with meat usually egg rolls, chicken or pork. The bun at Sau Voi Deli is the best I’ve had so far and so much for so little. I may have gone a little overboard ordering the Taro flavored boba drink. It was too rich and drinking it while watching ‘The Flintstones’ must have had me hallucinating… I think I saw John Taylor from Duran Duran as an extra in the movie.

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