Call me Mrs. Flansburg

Confession: still went to L.A. yesterday despite the fact I had tix to the sold out show in San Diego at the Belly Up Tavern. I’m that much a fan especially since John Flansburg wrote to me twice in high school (letters which have since been lost). Pure happiness to me is the middle of one of their shows. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen them and thank godness Paul is much a fan as I am to put up with this. But he still won’t change his glasses to look like Flans.

John Flansburg serenading ME.

Sleepy girl
Girl sitting right next to me who slept during the show. Her boyfriend was the fan and it seemed that she was just along for the ride. She didn’t even flinch when my flash went off right in front of her face! I will mock her forever…

Drunk guy
Drunk guy wildly dancing to “Instanbul (Not Constantinople).” Not part of your typical geek crowd.

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