They Might Be Giants and Sonic burgers

They Might Be Giants at Amoeba
I was only half feeling better and was deciding whether to travel up to L.A. to see They Might Be Giants at a free show promoting their new kid’s album at Amoeba records. But at the last minute I went especially since I wasn’t driving. The traffic blew as predicted especially since it was a weekday before a holiday weekend. We barely made it before their performance and even then, I couldn’t get close enough to the stage to stalk them like I usually do. But my gosh! The audiece was 10% children under the age of 5! But I didn’t feel like a old geezer because there were plenty of people my age and older. Among the people I saw in the audience were David Foley and Kevin MacDonald from Kids in the Hall fame just watching the show like I was.
Of course, no visit to L.A. is complete without a visit to Sonic Burger! Mmm… tater tots…
Food from Sonic

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