Lunch at work equals a sandwich

The days I’m lucky, I am able to leave work for lunch and get myself something other than the drivel they serve upstairs. For instance, today’s menu is a choice of chicken rice soup, sweet and sour pork, cesaer salad or chicken enchiladas. If I had a stomach made of steel, I would probably risk the sweet and sour pork but I just don’t trust the guy upstairs handling the food. How our cafeteria even has an A rating is beyond me. The safest bet when I eat at work is the sandwich bar.

The sandwich bar is a bit of a ripofff at $.30 an ounce but they have the basics to make a somewhat respectable sandwich. The usual stuff include turkey, roast beef, salami a variety of cheeses and condiments. I’m a very picky person when it comes to how my sandwiches are made. I like the spreads to touch the meat not the veggies. The main reason is the slippage factor. Veggies tend to be moist and the friction between mustard and a tomato slice is almost nil. So the basic piling on stage for me is bread, mustard, turkey, sometimes a thin slice of salami, tomato (with a tad sprinkle of pepper), pickles and lettuce all on a slice of Prairie bread. Basically it’s really just a half a sandwich because if I still need chips to munch on to relieve some stress (and annoy the people around me).

Sandwich made at work
My sandwich masterpiece.

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