The first time I cried over a cake

Birthday cake for 30th

The ice cream cake for my 30th last year made me cry. It wasn’t so much the cake itself as the art that graced the top of the cake: a Batgirl sketch by Bruce Timm. No, no…. Mr. Timm did not get behind the counter and decorate it himself but the art was tranferred there via edible ink. I don’t have any footage of me tearing up as I received this cake but if I did, I would probably submit it here.

The cake didn’t last long (for the record it was cheesecake ice cream and white cake) but at least I have still have the image of it stored on my camera phone. I’ve been promised for my birthday this year another edible masterpiece. Pictures to come…

3 thoughts on “The first time I cried over a cake

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  1. I got your birthday wrong earlier this year but I'm not going to miss it on the correct day — July 2!

  2. Where did this AWESOME cake come from??? Not just art, but cheesecake art?!?! My brain just exploded.

  3. Hi again Kate.I was told the cake was obtained from Baskin Robbins. Provide a photo and they will slap in on the cake. The cake is actually your choice of ice cream and either chocolate or white cake. The art is by one of my favorite artists, Bruce Timm. You can check out the rest of his gallery.

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