Chicken and waffle experience

I’m gonna take a big step and give away one of my whereabouts the last two days.

Roscoe signage
I’ve only been to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles once before Saturday. The first visit being the Pasadena location a few years ago. The Long Beach location this time was less busy and we were served right away.

Jeanne C. Jones special at Roscoe's
Like last time, I ordered the Carol C. special, a chicken breast with a waffle. I remember watching a program about Roscoe’s and the ingredients for their waffles is a secret. Makes sense since their waffles are pretty darn good. If I had to take a guess at one ingredient in the waffles, I would have to take a gander at it being cinnamon. The chicken breast itself was moist and tender. Nothing but bones was left at the end of my meal.

Chicken omlette
My dining buddy ordered the Jeanne Jones chicken omelette. The dish itself begs to offer, which came first? The chicken or the egg? I had more than one taste of this. It comes with either a choice of french fries or a waffle but of course the waffle had to be ordered.

I’m going to try this at home. The Sunset (above) is a layered drink. Lemonade on the bottom and fruit punch floating on top. There were other combo drinks that included iced tea with lemonade, orange juice with fruit punch or fruit punch, lemonade AND orange juice.

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  1. I have to try this, too. How in the world do you get it not to mix? Both lemonaide and fruit punch are sugary, tho if the lemonaide was excfeptionally pulpy and sugary, and the fruit punch was watered down… my skills in mixology are generally limited to Petron and shot glasses.

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