Another item from my lost weekend

Pretty, pretty Mothra kicking the living daylight out of the big, bad monster with chainsaws for hands.

How do you say ‘no’ to someone begging you to go with them to see “Godzilla: Final Wars?” Especially since it was the only showing here in the U.S.? Especially since it was the last day of the showing? Especially since it’s going to be the last Godzilla movie made for the next few years?

I’ll make it no secret that I’ll be hanging this over their head in months to come that I spent the final hours of being 30 watching Godzilla beat up on some old nemesis. There were some really cool stuff in the movie that a non-Godzilla fan like me found impressive and actually made me think, “Wow, I think I’ll actually get into this movie.” But I did. For while. Until I feel asleep. One moment I see Godzilla beating the life out of Monster X, the next blink he’s doing the same thing to Kaiser King Gidorah. (It was explained to me later that Monster X was King Gidorah… duh!)

Cool moments: Mothra doing a dive bomb towards Gigan while on fire. Baby Godzilla, Minya buckling his seatbelt. Kick azz opening title sequence. Seeing the Tristar Godzilla’s head being blown off. Some armadillo looking monster was cool too.
Uncool, painstaking moments: Moves that looked like they stole it from Power Rangers. Father and son walking out of the theater and the son excitedly saying loud enough for me (and everyone else) “Dad, they played your favorite Mecha Godzilla song!” Paying four dollars for a small popcorn.

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