Super color coordinated lunch

Color coordinated lunch for work

As my latest posts may have led you believe, I don’t always eat out. Usually on the weekends, most likely with someone else who doesn’t mind me taking photos and usually when I’m not flat broke. With recent car repairs (ugh… as of recent $600 and up) and the fact the my place of employment has no cafeteria to speak of, I usually manage to pack myself of lunch.

I actually enjoy making myself lunch. There is always a fruit, some veggies on the sandwich and on the side and something salty. Just recently, I’ve been on a color coordinated kick with greens and oranges as the above photo displays. Coworkers are intrigued by my lunch and I’ve inspired them to bring their own. Who knew that lunch could be so pretty??

3 thoughts on “Super color coordinated lunch

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  1. you make me smile Olly…! only you! 🙂 i love it. wish you were here to pack my lunch! LOL…hugs…

  2. If I were to make your lunch, I don't think you would like the Ezekiel bread I use. It's a difficult bread to enjoy.See you soon!

  3. are ya kiddin? i'vd had Derek as a trainer how many years? when i started with him, it's the only bread he'd let me have and I actually love the one in the purple wrapping… tastes Yummy toasted with tuna salad!i can hardly wait to see you… we should do the wine country you suggested while i was recovering… 🙂 vino! vino!

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