Out of Los Angeles and back in San Diego

San Diego Comic-con cover
An ancient cover done by Cool Jerk used in the entertainment section of the paper a few years ago. ©San Diego Union-Tribune

I’ll be blogging from my hometown of San Diego this week.

Starting Thursday, I will be helping Cool Jerk man his table in the small press area for the San Diego Comic Con as well as guest blogging at Comixpedia. The event usually takes a lot of out me with all the walking around, talking to people and seeing people from previous years. My brother and his girlfriend, whom I have yet to meet, will be flying out from Cleveland to Las Vegas driving to San Diego and later Los Angeles to see my new digs. So it will definitely be a busy week. But I will continue updating this site on occasion or at the very least photos.

I am also helping start out a new food blog at work. Whew. I need a nap.

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  1. How was working with Cool Jerk? I love his website–I wrote a review of it months ago calling it the next best thing since Calvin & Hobbes and I meant it!

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