You say to-MAY-toe

My paltry patio garden

I haven’t tried growing anything in my paltry patio garden (see above). Earlier this season, I considered starting a tomato plant but the season is halfway over so I’m stuck buying tomatoes from Trader Joe’s.

Heirloom tomatoes

Any fruit or vegetable that’s pretty or appealing usually ends up in my basket. I like to try different things at least once. The dark side is that sometimes, I don’t know how to prepare new food items. The baby artichokes that resided in my refrigerator for four months still haunt my memories. When I saw a variety of organic heirloom tomatoes, it made it way home with me.

Heirloom tomatoes

I’ve tried heirloom tomatoes once as a sample at a farmer’s market. What struck me were their irregular shapes and colors. As a kid, my parents would serve sliced roma and beefsteak tomatoes as a side dish for dinner with a sprinkling of salt. Preparing these heirloom tomatoes was no different but the addition of some garlic pepper. They were exactly what I hoped they would be: meaty and somewhat earthy tasting. They were so good that I will be having tomato sandwiches for lunch as long as the season lasts.

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